Thursday, March 23, 2006

Note to self...

Regardless of how good it sounds, when you have not eaten dinner, nachos are never a good idea at 11:00PM.

In other news, I found my gameboy, but had to hack it to work. Back in highschool when I was way into building speaker systems, I would remove speakers from everything in sight to use in my systems. Yes, sadly, I made a speaker box out of cardboard into which I placed the speaker I removed from my game boy. Boy did the room shake when I fired that one up. Speaking to how much of a packrat I used to be (and still am) I believe I still have it somewhere, if I come across it, I'll re-install it.

Headphones are a commodity that are hard to come by in this house. Fortunantly, in the same box with my gameboy was my Talkabout, complete with earbud. So, now I had the sound problem solved. But my rechargable battery was dead. No fear! I found my car DC adapter that has several tips, used the correct tip, and plugged it in. So there I am, in my garage (with the door open) with the gameboy plugged into the outlet in my trunk, sitting in my trunk playing my gameboy with my Talkabout earbud in my ear for sound. Good times.

The annoying thing was, I hadn't used one of the games in so long (Warioland) that the battery inside the game went dead, and it wouldn't save games. (Surely the engineers at Nintendo have heard of non-volatile memory... I mean, come on people!) So I cracked open the case, soldered some wires to the battery terminals, pulled out my workbench engineering power supply, connected up to the wires, flipped a switch, and voila! I can save games. I'll get a battery tomorrow so I can play Warioland untethered. Mario Land 2 still had a good battery though, so I retreated upstairs with another DC adapter that could plug into the wall so I could play. I didn't have the right size plug for it though, so I had to solder wires directly to another removable plug, which left bare wires sticking out the back of the gameboy. Everytime I came to some part in the game that required especially funky hand moves, I would get a little shock as my hand brushed the wires. Life is as it should be. So, soon my battery will be charged, I'll replace the Warioland battery, and I'll find the speaker. Then it will all be good. Until then I'll play with wires going every which way getting a buzz off the electrons.

Over and bzzzt! out,
-The Krunchy Krab

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