Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A bug in the widget

So it seems that if I've added cover art that either I or other users have uploaded for the books in my library, then I get a broken image in my LibraryThing blog widget. This is because the books you see are links to Amazon, and Amazon doesn't have the covers for my books, thus the need to add my own cover art.
I've let the developers at LibraryThing know about the bug... now we'll see if they care.

-The Krunchy Krab

Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's addicting is addictive. I'm a lifetime member now... When I realized that I had reached the free 200 book limit and had only scanned roughly 1/6 of our books in, I knew that I needed more. Couple a cool website with my newly acquired barcode scanner, and you have a nerd's dream.
As you've probably noticed, random selections from my library are displayed to the right. If you see a bunch of books that make you think, "He must be a pretty girly man to have those books" then you're pretty safe assuming that they belong to my wife. I'm just scanning all the books in our house.
-The Krunchy (not girly) Krab

Friday, February 23, 2007

AllAdvantage is back!

It's got a new name, but for those of you who remember AllAdvantage, it is back! Click on the link below to join - they pay you for surfing!

It's called Agloco now

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Four more times...

I only have to drive to/from Redmond four more times!

That's exciting. Of course, the non-exciting benefit is that I will no longer be collecting paychecks from Microvision. But I still think the exciting benefits outweigh the non-exciting ones.

-The Krunchy Krab

Bring on the humiliation

In case you wanted to see my football helmet...

Let me tell you - a junior size helmet is not easy to put on, or take off. Especially with a noggin the size of mine. And they had the chin strap adjusted completely wrong - it was on my nose when I first put the helmet on.
BTW, the cheesy look on my face is my attempt to clench my teeth and look fierce. It didn't really come across that way though...
-The Krunchy Krab

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm focused! I'm agile! I'm boundaryless!

I got a football helmet. And three (3) (III) stickers for being focused, agile, and boundaryless!
Does it say anything that the footballs they gave out were intermediate size, and the helmet is a youth large?

Sometimes I wonder about myself...

Mostly at times when I get excited to receive things in the mail like used circuit breakers from Ebay.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Very clever

I cannot even imagine how long it took to do this, but it is very well done. Be sure to watch until the very end.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's been awhile, so I thought I should post the answer...

If you remove the ueue from Queue, what you have left is still pronounced the same.

I just have one question...

Apparently, Bob's couch has some competition now. Ok, that's an inside joke, but pretty much everyone who reads my blog knows the story.

Check it out:
Men have it made

My only question is this: If a woman takes this, and wants sex for more than four hours, should she call a doctor?

-The Krunchy Krab

kitchen tools

I've come to realize that it is true... kitchen tools should not have a single purpose. I suppose I have to make some exceptions. I could use the coffeemaker to boil water, although it would come out with that hint of coffee flavor that wouldn't make for good tea or cocoa.

But there are so many kitchen gadgets out there that serve one purpose only, and completely monopolize on your space. Take for example, this:

This amazing appliance takes about half a square foot of counter space (plus a cord to plug it in) and does exactly what God gave us hands for - opening jars. I haven't ever encountered a jar that couldn't be opened, especially if I put a little effort into it. And the fact that this incorporates a can and bottle opener - well I have a small hand tool that fits in my silverware drawer for that. So I say Phhht! to that.

Then there's this.
My wife will be happy to read this. (I don't think we've gotten rid of this yet)
It's kind of a great idea - you just juice the lemons (it's got a juicer built in) add the right amounts of sugar and water, and it will make the simple syrup for you and make a very good pitcher of lemonade.
But wait, I can make my own simple syrup... after that, lemonade is simple to make. And simple syrup isn't called simple for no reason.
So I've decided to get rid of the lemonader.

When we used to have real cable (we have what's called "limited" cable now... the name fits well) I used to watch the food network all the time. Alton Brown always used to pick on kitchen tools that only had one use... I'm finally thinking our kitchen needs to be cleaned out.

So... anyone want a lemonader?

-The Krunchy Krab

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I suppose I should blog

I forget about blogger from time to time.

Is it weird to hope that our power goes out again?

I'm installing a transfer switch to allow me to run certain portions of our house off our generator, which I haven't really had opportunity to use yet. But it will feel like such a waste of effort if I never get to use it, which is a possibility since we'll only be renting this house for another year or so.

But at least I got to pull a wall apart in our basement and install a new subpanel. That was fun. Now all I've got left is to connect the feeder to the main panel, which I made the mistake of telling my wife tonight is the only dangerous part.

Anyway, what else is there to write about?

Oh! Some of you will appreciate this. My company has created a new "recognition" system for their employees. Our company mission statement says something about being focused, agile and "boundaryless" ... which is ridiculous enough in itself. They actually give awards for "boundarylessness" Yeah.
Anyway, the first time you're nominated for one of these awards, they give you a company football helmet (another metaphor that I'll explain in another post) And each time after that, they give you a sticker for your helmet, which you are to affix to the helmet much like many football players do to represent each sack or tackle they get.

Isn't that a great idea? I'm so inspired that I'm boundaryless in my focus to become more agile.

-The Krunchy Krab