Thursday, February 08, 2007

kitchen tools

I've come to realize that it is true... kitchen tools should not have a single purpose. I suppose I have to make some exceptions. I could use the coffeemaker to boil water, although it would come out with that hint of coffee flavor that wouldn't make for good tea or cocoa.

But there are so many kitchen gadgets out there that serve one purpose only, and completely monopolize on your space. Take for example, this:

This amazing appliance takes about half a square foot of counter space (plus a cord to plug it in) and does exactly what God gave us hands for - opening jars. I haven't ever encountered a jar that couldn't be opened, especially if I put a little effort into it. And the fact that this incorporates a can and bottle opener - well I have a small hand tool that fits in my silverware drawer for that. So I say Phhht! to that.

Then there's this.
My wife will be happy to read this. (I don't think we've gotten rid of this yet)
It's kind of a great idea - you just juice the lemons (it's got a juicer built in) add the right amounts of sugar and water, and it will make the simple syrup for you and make a very good pitcher of lemonade.
But wait, I can make my own simple syrup... after that, lemonade is simple to make. And simple syrup isn't called simple for no reason.
So I've decided to get rid of the lemonader.

When we used to have real cable (we have what's called "limited" cable now... the name fits well) I used to watch the food network all the time. Alton Brown always used to pick on kitchen tools that only had one use... I'm finally thinking our kitchen needs to be cleaned out.

So... anyone want a lemonader?

-The Krunchy Krab

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Bob said...

I tried to talk my wife into taking the lemonader, but instead she is thinking about trying to give away stuff via her own blog.