Friday, December 28, 2007

An unlikely favorite for me, but boy is it good!

As I type, I have a standing rib roast slowly coming up to temperature in the oven - it's been in there for three hours so far. I don't usually like meat for the sake of meat - I much prefer meat in something (casserole, soup, etc)

But then two things happened:

1) I went to Austria.
2) I came home and watched Good Eats.

Normally, I wouldn't link those, even though Alton Brown could probably pass as an Austrian if not for his lack of accent. While in Austria, I had probably the greatest steak sandwich ever created... and I dedicated my life (or part of it) to re-creating that sandwich when I got back home.

Well, several months sans great steak sandwich later, I was watching Good Eats, and decided to try a recipe for a standing rib roast that he made. Less of a recipe, and more of a technique or process really. The "recipe" basically calls for a chunk of meat with some canola oil, and salt and pepper rubbed on it. But my wife loves meat and potato type meals, so I decided to try to make this. Warning: this cut of meat can be expensive! Expect to pay about $50 for a small standing rib roast. My wife's worth it though.

Several days later, with the meat properly dry-aged, I roasted and served it. It was spectacular... but even I still did not see the link. The next day, I was hungry for some leftovers and it struck me - the rib roast, in appropriately thick slices, perfectly approximated the tenderness and flavor of that mystical Austrian steak sandwich I so palpatate for. The rest is history. Tonight, I make the rib roast again, not necessarily for the nice meal tonight, nay my mind is on the morrow - when I shall again place a leftover slice of that steak between two toasted pieces of bread and again enjoy a great steak sandwich.


-The Krunchy Krab

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