Friday, March 02, 2007

There's a new bad call brick in town

I have a friend with a very cool device - a bad call brick. It's a foam brick that has "Bad call brick" written on the side, designed for throwing at people, tvs, etc that have recently displayed signs of being less than intelligent.

It is unfortunately a low-tech device that was destined to be replaced. Oh sure, it still has its uses, but the computing domain now has a higher tech solution.

Enter the ScreenSmasher. This device is a foam mallet that plugs into your USB port. When you get overly frustrated with your computer, which everyone does, you simply pull out your ScreenSmasher and begin smashing away. There are sensors in the mallet that detect when you wish to annihilate your computer, and your computer responds by displaying broken glass and making a shattering sound. It shatters more with each hit until it explodes.

Ah technology.
-The Krunchy Krab

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