Monday, December 29, 2008

Power outage! Hallelujah!

The power went out about 30 minutes ago! Yes!!!!!!

I FINALLY get to use my generator. Now, it wouldn't be such a big deal, yes, I bought the generator two years ago, but I wouldn't be too mad about not using it if it was just the generator, but I also installed a transfer switch in my house to let me power everything. That was an annoying process to be sure. And then I never got to use it - I bought everything the day after the power came back on two years ago, and it never went out again.

But now, here I am, the only person in my neighborhood with internet, lights, refrigerator, hot water, furnace, and tv, and I'm lovin' it.


-The Krunchy Krab


Beth said...

May your outages be many and long. :-)

Bob said...

And may diesel prices continue to decline.