Friday, May 12, 2006


There nothing like watching the darkness outside turn to light. Ok, I guess watching paint dry is similar.
The alternative is trying to figure out what I changed my TSA lock combination to. So far I've checked 0 through 200.
Gone forever are the days when this was my prime working state. I used to be able to pump out hundreds of lines of code, draw up schematics, and solve differential equations when I felt like this. Now I stare out the window, sipping tea, and contemplate whether I should put my contacts in or not.

I get massive amounts of enjoyment right now from my calculator sitting on my desk that I got at a job fair. You push a button on it, and the plastic cover over the screen silently rotates around from the front to the back, eventually pushing the calculator up to rest at an angle so you can see it on the desk. I know it's just a cheap spring inside, but still it's cool. I close it and open it again and again. My tea is gone.

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